Indigenous Languages from Peru

Did you know that in Peru, due to its national multiculturalism, there are 48 indigenous languages?

That's right, in Peru, there are four indigenous Andean languages ​​and 44 indigenous Amazonian languages, all with an official alphabet as detailed by the Peruvian news portal Andina. Quechua stands out as one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the country, after Spanish, followed by Aymara. However, according to the National Census carried out in Peru in 2017, only 4 million 472 thousand 700 people have one of the 48 native languages ​​as their mother tongue.


What is an indigenous language?

It is a language ​​that was used before the spread of the Spanish language, which is preserved and used to date in the national territory.

Indigenous languages ​​at risk?

Peru has registered the disappearance of 37 indigenous languages ​​such as Cholón, Culli, Puquina, Palta, Muchik, among others.

According to the Ministry of Education, at present, seven of the 48 native languages ​​are in a critical situation because they have few speakers. Among the most serious are the Iñapari, which only has four members of its community who speak the language fluently, as well as the Taushiro, which only has one speaker.

Importance of the recognition of these languages:

According to the Ministry of Culture, it allows the development of educational materials in all areas and grades for children and adolescents of indigenous peoples. Likewise, it allows promoting the educational development of languages ​​through bilingual intercultural education, as well as improving the quality of life of indigenous people by participating in the development of their local and regional community.

Every May 27th, the Day of Indigenous Languages ​​in Peru is celebrated as an opportunity to develop actions of visibility, recognition, awareness, advocacy, and mobilization on diversity. The original languages ​​represent a collective identity and a different way of conceiving and describing reality.

This year Peru celebrated 200 years of independence, which is why it was called the "Bicentennial Year of Peru: 200 years of Independence", made official by the Supreme Decree No. 001-2021. Here, some translations in some of the original languages ​​celebrating the bicentennial year.


Perú Suyuna Paya Pataka Marapa: paya pataka t’aqwaqtawi maranaka


Doscientos Mijan Perunum Ejeji: agkanmaega pujamu


Shiriagarini apitetara oshiriagagitetara oga peruku: 200 oshiriagakotaka ashi apuntaganira

Quechua chanka:

Perú suyunchikpa Iskay Pachak Watan: iskay pachak watañam qispisqanmanta karun


Perúkan Rabe Pacha Baritia: Rabe Pacha baritia xabakata


Char epxharrochxharra pocharña yanetser Perú: meten 200 char allempotheñ yoksherra

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