Amazonia - Dark chocolate with 75% of cacao - Muña, 1.76 oz (50 g)
Dark chocolate with 75% of cacao - Muña, 1.76 oz (50 g)
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Dark chocolate with 75% of cacao - Muña, 1.76 oz (50 g)
The Matsigenka is a Peruvian ethnic group that cultivates cacao chuncho—a variety of cacao use in this chocolate bar—in La Convencion located in the region of Cusco. The name of this community means “human beings” or “people” in their language (Arawak). According to historical evidence, the appearance of this community backs to the pre-hispanic times where activities like fishing predominated. During the last decades, different activities emerged such as coffee, cacao, and achiote cultivation for commercialization. Among the beliefs of the Matsigenkas, they strongly believe in the existence of five worlds connected with each other: kipatsi, menkoripatsa, inkite, kamavira y gamaaironi. Likewise, they are known for their beliefs on mythology where the moon (a male) is who creates agriculture, tobacco, and venom for fish. Like many Peruvian communities, traditional medicine has been part of them through the years using medical herbs and trusting to shamans. Muña is a plant very well known as “Andean mint”. This chocolate bar made of cacao chuncho has the name Muña since this plant is aromatic. Cacao chuncho is a variety of cacao with flavors and diverse aromas that complements well with muña—which can produce a feeling of freshness in the mouth. The texture of this chocolate is creamy due to its high percentage of cacao butter. Likewise, you can find notes of berries, citric fruits, dried fruits, and a herbal taste of flowers like jasmine. Also, you will feel the freshness of muña when tasting this chocolate bar. Additionally, the level of darkness and astringency in this chocolate is very low.

Cocoa paste (75%) (Theobroma cacao L.), cacao butter, sugar and muña

  • Consume directly accompany with fruits, cheese, wine, or pisco.


Keep in cool dry place at temperatures between 62 °F–68 °F (18 °C–20°C).

  • High-quality chocolate bar
  • This chocolate bar won a silver medal in the International Chocolate Awards in 2017. Also, in 2018, this chocolate bar won a silver medal at the same contest through all candidates from the Americas.

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